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Image by Annie Spratt


Making Waves on the Top of the World


Undertaking the challenge of a lifetime, the team will row 1000 Kilometer across the unforgiving Arctic Ocean. In a 9.6 Meter man-powered boat, they will face polar storms, brutal temperatures, and wildlife encounters, all while pushing the limits of human endurance.


Despite their diverse backgrounds, the team is bonded through a love for adventure and a passion for high performance. With a world record on the line, the team will leverage their unique expertise, stemming from careers in the NFL, Navy SEALs, and Team USA.


The impact of The Arctic Challenge goes far beyond the 4 athletes and the Arctic Ocean. With the mission to inspire young minds, the team aims to challenge the next generation to push beyond their limiting beliefs and chart their own course toward extraordinary achievements.


Covenant House New Orleans
Jimmy Graham Foundation

To bolster their mission, the team is partnering with non-profit organizations that support disadvantaged youth.

The team is thrilled to support their charity partners through service, fundraising, and visibility.


The Arctic Challenge is made possible through the generous support of sponsors. Learn more about the organizations that are supporting the challenge and find out how you can get involved.

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