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Kids Running


Empowering the Next Generation

The impact of The Arctic Challenge goes far beyond the 4 athletes and the Arctic Ocean. With the mission to inspire young minds, the team aims to challenge the next generation to defy their limiting beliefs and chart their own course toward extraordinary achievements.


Covenant House New Orleans
Jimmy Graham Foundation

The team is partnering with non-profit organizations that support disadvantaged youth.

Through service, visibility, and fundraising, the team will support their charity partners throughout The Arctic Challenge.


Learn more about the organizations:

 Covenant House New Orleans 

Laureus Sport For Good USA

The Jimmy Graham Foundation


Our endurance rowing team is embarking on an unprecedented journey across the Arctic Ocean, driven by a mission to inspire young minds. We aim to showcase the boundless possibilities that arise when one embraces challenges and pushes the limits of human potential. Through this Arctic expedition, we aspire to instill in young kids the belief that with determination, teamwork, and resilience, they can conquer any obstacle and chart their own course toward extraordinary achievements. Our mission is to be a living testament to the strength that lies within pushing oneself beyond perceived boundaries, motivating and encouraging the youth to dream big and pursue greatness.

“Using this challenge to inspire young people is very meaningful for me. As someone who has experienced homelessness, I recognize the importance of not letting your circumstances define your future. Through this challenge, we will showcase the power of determination, teamwork and resilience, and I am thrilled to use it as a platform for empowering kids to pursue their wildest dreams.”

- Jimmy Graham


Check back soon for information on volunteer opportunities and charity events, or contact us to donate to our great cause.

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